Monday, July 8, 2013

Amazing Canadian Rockies Photo

Scenic drive through  the Canadian Rockies. Alberta, British Columbia, Canada.
Mount Robson is the highest point at 3954 m

Thick Wooded Valley Picture

Thick Wooded Valley Picture River Dart
Thickly wooded valley of the River Dart in Devon, England

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Newark, NJ, USA Photo

Newark Wallaper
Photo-Wallpaper-Picture of Newark, New Jersey, USA
Photo taken around Newark's Brazilian/Portuguese neighborhood .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Napa Valley Wine Country, Califronia Photo

Nepa Valley, Nepa County California
Picture of Napa Valley, Californa, USA
California's upper Napa Valley is regarded by many as the premier wine-growing region in America. Producing vintages since 1850's, the mountain-ringed valleys studded with ancient oaks is the setting for several wineries that have been active for more than a century. "Up Valley" also has a rich pioneer heritage that extends beyond its famous vineyards and cellars. Home to some of California's earliest settlers and staging and recruiting area for the Bear Flag Revolt, the region was also home to California's first resort spas and a silver and cinnabar minig industry .

Nestled Inn Guest House Canton Photo

Nestled Inn Guest House Picture at Canton, Minnesota, United States of America

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alpine Bog Laurel Flowers Photo

Photos-Wallpapers-Pictures of Alpine bog laurel flowers
Alpine Bog Laurel Flowers blooming at Lion Lakes, Wild Basin, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, United States

Photo of Highway 95, McCall, Idaho

Highway 95, McCall, Idaho
Photo - Wallpaper - Picture of Highway 95 north of McCall, Idaho.
Spectacular view along the Salmon River while driving on  the Highway 95 north of McCall, Idaho, United States of America

Mount Billy Mitchell Photo

Photo of Mount Billy Mitchel, Alaska, United States

Living with Mountains
Once you have lived with mountains,
Under the benedictory pines
And deodars, near stars,
And a brighter moon,
With wood make smoke and mist,
Sweet smell of grass, dew lines
On spider-spun sun-kissed
Buttercup and vine;
Once you have lived with these,
Blessed God's favorite then,
You will return,
You will comeback
To touch the trees and grass,
And climb once more the windswpt mountain pass.
Copyright Ruskin Bond, Tapas Guha

Montana, Big Sky Country Photo

Montana Big Sky Country Photo Wallpaper

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovely Arrowtown, Newzealand Photo

Arrowtown, New Zealand Photo
Serene street of  Arrowtown, New Zealand
Arrowtown is the historic town of New Zealand born of gold. Famous for its gold mining. Its one of the most scenic places of New Zealand.

Edwards Creek, Gwynns Island Photo

Edwards Creek, Gwynns Island Mathews County, Virginia Photo
Edwards Creek, Gwynns Island Mathews County, Virginia, USA
Gwynn's is a large island just below the mouth of Virginia's Piankatank River between the York and Rappahannock Rivers. It is separated from the mainland by Milford Haven, which is crossed at its western end by a small swing bridge. At its lower end, Milford Haven empties into the Chesapeake above a spot known as Hole in the Wall

Horses Grazing Wallpaper

country Horses grazing wallpaper
Horses are grazing at a farm photo and wallpaper

Flowers Nursery Photo

Flowers Nursery Photo

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lantana Flowers Photo

Lantana Flowers Photo
Beautiful and Fragrant lantana flowers. Lantana flowers are native to tropical region of Africa and the Americas.

Green Nature Wallpaper

Green Nature Hd Desktop Wallpaper
A boy biking along the green country wallpaper/photo

View From The Porch Photo

View From the Porch Photo - Wallpaper
Viewing spring greenery, budding trees from the porch in the Smokies.
 This photo is taken in the woods of Tennessee's  Smoky Mountains. Smokies rise along the Tennessee- North Carolina border in the southeastern of the United States. Clingmans' Dome is the highest peak at 6643 ft above sea level.

Key West Sunset Photo

Suset at Key West Photo / Wallpaper
Sailboats passing by in the Key West sunset
Glowing sunset at Key West Island, This island is located on the Straits of Florida, on the North American continent at the tip of Florida Keys. USA. Main city is Key West, Florida. Total area 5.27 square miles. Solares Hill is the highest point at 18ft (5.5m)

Another Country Mornin' - Pure Country Poetry

Coffee's brewing, aroma's coming my way
Cows mooing, we're hungry, bring us some hay

Can hear the bacon sizzlin' in the fryin' pan
Every day I thank God I'm a country man

My woman's cookin' eggs gathered this country mornin'
She deserves a kiss, a hug, some great country lovin'

Those eggs were mighty tasty to me
Gonna throw those hens a little extra feed

Enjoyed another great country breakfast
It'll keep me a-goin' till the sun comes to rest

I'm blessed to be alive, alive, and smilin'
Blessed to be enjoyin's God's country mornin'
Thank you Lord, Thank you for another great country mornin'

Thank God for every mornin', every mornin' I wake
It's a fine country morning God did mak

Sun's breakin' light, better get a-movin'
Tons of work to be done, horse needs a shoein'

Rooster's crowing, he's just showing off
Get the vaccine, a calf's startin' to cough

Clouds dark on the horizon, best get in the hay
Last chance maybe, before winter comes our way

Leaves a turning a pretty shade of red
Got to fix that leak in the Old Woodshed

I'm blessed to be alive,
Alive and smili'

Blessed to be enjoyin's God's country mornin'
Thank you, Lord, thank you for another great country mornin'
(C) Robert W Anderson's Pure Country Poetry

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Red and Yellow Flowers Photo

Stunning Red and Yellow Flowers in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Washington, DC

Clouds over Heleakala, Maui, Hawaii

White clouds over Heleakala or The East Mau Volcano. 
Heleakala is a huge volcano shield that comprises the 75 percent of Hawaiian Island of Maui Its elevation is 10000 feet above sea level.

Surreal Landscape of Heleakala

Craters of Heleakala
Amazing geological landscape of Heleakala, Maui, Hawaii

Sunset Landscape Wallpaper

via The Countryside Photo Blog
Red sun setting in the river
A beautiful view of the sunset at Po Delta to Scanarello , Porto Viro Veneto Italy

Patagonia Ranch Landscape Wallpaper

Horse grazing at the country ranch
A beautiful country ranch in Patagonia, South America and Andes mountains in the distance

Naxos Island Landscape Photo

Blue ocean around the cliffs of mountains
Naxos Island is a Greek Island in the archipelago of Cyclades. Its area is 165 square miles. Highest elevation 1003 meters and highest mountain is Mount Zeus.

Road to Zion National Park Wallpaper

Man on the bike
This is the photo / wallpaper of a road that goes to the The Zion National Park near Springdale, Utah

California Poppy State Flower Landscape

via The Countryside Blog
California Poppy Field in the countryside of Irvine, California, USA

Golden Gate Bridge Landscape Wallpaper

via The Countryside Blog
Landscape Wallpaper of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Blue Sky in The Blue Lagoon Photo

Photo of Glorious blue sky in The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Monday, April 29, 2013

Native Azalea Flowers Photo

via The Countryside Blog
Native Azalea Flowers at Stone Mountains in Georgia, USA

Cherokee Falls Scenery Photo

via The Countryside Blog
Wallpaper / Photo of Cherokee Falls in Georgia, USA

Red Leaves of Japanese Maple Plant

via The Countryside Photo Blog
Red leaves of  Japanese Maple plant in Conyers, Georgia, USA

Muskegon Pier Lighthouse Photo

Muskegon Pier Lighthouse , at Muskegon harbor, Michigan

Yarrow Pink Flowers Photo

Yarrow Pink Flowers Photo

Trevose Head Lighthouse

Photo of Trevose Head Lighthouse near Padstow, England, United Kingdom

Daffodils Photo

Daffodils field somewhere in England Photo

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Picture of  a Lighthouse in the Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Countryside Ranches

via The Countryside Blog
Photos of Beautiful ranches, greenery  along the way to Roanoke, Virginia

Lake Whatcom Shoreline, Whatcom County

Scenic photo of Lake Whatcom Shorelina at Agate Road , Whatcom County, Washington, United States of America

Serene Pastureland Scenery Photo

Horses grazing in the Serene Countryside Pasturland Scenery Photo and Wallpaper

Elegant Ranch Home

Elegant Countryside Ranch Home near Cascade Mountains Wallpaper and Photo

Small Blossoms Flowers

Small Blossoms Pink Flowers in the Spring

Crowley Lake in California Photo

Photo of Crowley Lake  , Mono County, California

Gathering Firewood - Countryside Poetry

via The Countryside Photography Blog
Columbines flowers in the country mountains photo

Gathering firewood I enter mountain depths,
mountain depths rising creek beyond creek
choked with timbers of bridges in ruins.
and at dusk, scarce people grow scracer still.
Mountain wind sweeping through simple robes
my chant steady, I shoulder a light bundle,
watch smoke drift across open country home.

Country Home in the Green

Beautiful countryside home in the greenery wallpaper

Imagine my joy to see you and feel your touch
To find you next to me.
You give me a name 
You whisper I Love You
Now you return my love
You put your arms around me.
And all the tears of sadness
Transform to rivers of gladness
I love you always and always will.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oak Tree by the lake Photo

via Wikia
Oak Tree by the lake Photo

Tree Song On The Water
 They teetered, happy on the brink.
But he rowed her across, singing
her a tree song, faint and fading
till they stepped out on a stone and waved
to us, symbolically.
Dizzy with wind-raked water, I sat
beneath a pine with a new grief.
A storm was blowing up like a rose.
A lady took me in to where the band
had begun again. I danced
unhappily to a worship tune
passing from aunt to aunt
like a recipe or new from home.
My father was the minister,
and he had left me there till four.
I had no watch. There were no clocks.
I looked toward the double doors.
The bride and groom burst in, the wind
and rain behind hem. Her tangled hair,
his rumpled shirt, almost untucked.
They had been running, Water wanted
to drown them, wind to strip from them
the mirror-work of calm love hummed.
For now, they'd won
by John Poch

Trekking and Hiking in Chile Picture

via Imgur
Trekking and Hiking in Chile Photo