Monday, April 29, 2013

Native Azalea Flowers Photo

via The Countryside Blog
Native Azalea Flowers at Stone Mountains in Georgia, USA

Cherokee Falls Scenery Photo

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Wallpaper / Photo of Cherokee Falls in Georgia, USA

Red Leaves of Japanese Maple Plant

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Red leaves of  Japanese Maple plant in Conyers, Georgia, USA

Muskegon Pier Lighthouse Photo

Muskegon Pier Lighthouse , at Muskegon harbor, Michigan

Yarrow Pink Flowers Photo

Yarrow Pink Flowers Photo

Trevose Head Lighthouse

Photo of Trevose Head Lighthouse near Padstow, England, United Kingdom

Daffodils Photo

Daffodils field somewhere in England Photo

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Picture of  a Lighthouse in the Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Countryside Ranches

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Photos of Beautiful ranches, greenery  along the way to Roanoke, Virginia

Lake Whatcom Shoreline, Whatcom County

Scenic photo of Lake Whatcom Shorelina at Agate Road , Whatcom County, Washington, United States of America

Serene Pastureland Scenery Photo

Horses grazing in the Serene Countryside Pasturland Scenery Photo and Wallpaper

Elegant Ranch Home

Elegant Countryside Ranch Home near Cascade Mountains Wallpaper and Photo

Small Blossoms Flowers

Small Blossoms Pink Flowers in the Spring

Crowley Lake in California Photo

Photo of Crowley Lake  , Mono County, California

Gathering Firewood - Countryside Poetry

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Columbines flowers in the country mountains photo

Gathering firewood I enter mountain depths,
mountain depths rising creek beyond creek
choked with timbers of bridges in ruins.
and at dusk, scarce people grow scracer still.
Mountain wind sweeping through simple robes
my chant steady, I shoulder a light bundle,
watch smoke drift across open country home.

Country Home in the Green

Beautiful countryside home in the greenery wallpaper

Imagine my joy to see you and feel your touch
To find you next to me.
You give me a name 
You whisper I Love You
Now you return my love
You put your arms around me.
And all the tears of sadness
Transform to rivers of gladness
I love you always and always will.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oak Tree by the lake Photo

via Wikia
Oak Tree by the lake Photo

Tree Song On The Water
 They teetered, happy on the brink.
But he rowed her across, singing
her a tree song, faint and fading
till they stepped out on a stone and waved
to us, symbolically.
Dizzy with wind-raked water, I sat
beneath a pine with a new grief.
A storm was blowing up like a rose.
A lady took me in to where the band
had begun again. I danced
unhappily to a worship tune
passing from aunt to aunt
like a recipe or new from home.
My father was the minister,
and he had left me there till four.
I had no watch. There were no clocks.
I looked toward the double doors.
The bride and groom burst in, the wind
and rain behind hem. Her tangled hair,
his rumpled shirt, almost untucked.
They had been running, Water wanted
to drown them, wind to strip from them
the mirror-work of calm love hummed.
For now, they'd won
by John Poch

Trekking and Hiking in Chile Picture

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Trekking and Hiking in Chile Photo

Blue Rose Wallpaper

Amazing Blue Roses Wallpaper and Photo

A Village Road in England Photo

A country road in English countryside photo

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zion National Park, Utah Photo 2

via Jon Zander
Picture of Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Zion National Park, Utah Photo

via Jon Zander
Picture of Zion National Park, Utah

Tibet, Tilamook Bay Scenery Photo

via Aaron Zahrowski
Tilamook Bay, Tibet Scenery Photo

Glorious Autum Forest Scenery Wallpaper

Fallen leaves in the Autum Forest Landscape Scenery Wallpaper

Love happens when you least expect it.

Reflection of the snow capped high mountains on the blue river wallpaper

Brilliance of the sun against the backdrop of mountains

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Beauty of sunset against the backdrop of mountains scenery

Beauty of Snow Clad Mountains Photo

It is the mixture of sky touching mountains and low lying lakes that make this picture speak a thousand words.

Glenn Morgan Tea Plantation Photo

Glenn Morgan Tea Plantation field in Payakara, Ooty, India

Norwegia Country Field Scenery Photo

Norwegian countryside field along the river scenery photo

Norwegia Country

Norwegian country houses along the lake and mountains in the distance

Norwegia Scenery Photo

Norwegia Scenery Photo. River running through mountains

Indian Desert Photo

Photo of Indian desert in North West India

Friday, April 26, 2013

Stunning Tulips Flowers Field in Holland Photo

Beautiful Tulips Flowers Field in Holland

Wild Tulips Flowers Photo

Sunset at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Photo

via Rober Sahara
Stunning sunset at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Photo, Yolo County, California

Sunset behind the baseball field Photo

Sunset Photo

New Zealand Aerial View of North Island New Country Photo

Greenery view of the North Island New Country Photo

Japan Country Flowers Field

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Japan Hokkaido Landscape Country Flowers Field Wallpaper

Autum in Countryside Mountains Photo

Beautiful Fall on the countryside mountains Wallpaper

Autum Leaves on the Country Road Picture

Yellow Autumn leaves on the country road.

Red Autum Leaves Photo

Red autumn leaves on the ground

Autum Countryside Forest Photo

Autumn  countryside forest picture.

Winding Country Road Photo

Winding Country Road Photo

Two Laned Country Road Wallpaper

Magnificent country road scenry wallpaper

Vibrant Fall on the Back roads of West Virginia Photo

Vibrant fall on the back roads of West Virgina Wallpaper

Country Sunset Photo

Splendid colors of the country sunset.

Autumn Country Lake Photo

Fall on the Country Lake Wallpaper

Amazing Autumn Photo

Autumn Country Barn Fall Leaves Sky Wallpaper

Country Big Chief Loop Hiking

Lal Sal mountain at the Big Chief Loop hiking spot located in Dead Horse Point State PArk near Moab, Utah

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gregory Point Lighthouse

Cape Arago Lighthouse Photo and Wallpaper, Location: Gregory Point, Charleston, Oregon, USA