Sunday, June 30, 2013

Newark, NJ, USA Photo

Newark Wallaper
Photo-Wallpaper-Picture of Newark, New Jersey, USA
Photo taken around Newark's Brazilian/Portuguese neighborhood .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Napa Valley Wine Country, Califronia Photo

Nepa Valley, Nepa County California
Picture of Napa Valley, Californa, USA
California's upper Napa Valley is regarded by many as the premier wine-growing region in America. Producing vintages since 1850's, the mountain-ringed valleys studded with ancient oaks is the setting for several wineries that have been active for more than a century. "Up Valley" also has a rich pioneer heritage that extends beyond its famous vineyards and cellars. Home to some of California's earliest settlers and staging and recruiting area for the Bear Flag Revolt, the region was also home to California's first resort spas and a silver and cinnabar minig industry .

Nestled Inn Guest House Canton Photo

Nestled Inn Guest House Picture at Canton, Minnesota, United States of America

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alpine Bog Laurel Flowers Photo

Photos-Wallpapers-Pictures of Alpine bog laurel flowers
Alpine Bog Laurel Flowers blooming at Lion Lakes, Wild Basin, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, United States

Photo of Highway 95, McCall, Idaho

Highway 95, McCall, Idaho
Photo - Wallpaper - Picture of Highway 95 north of McCall, Idaho.
Spectacular view along the Salmon River while driving on  the Highway 95 north of McCall, Idaho, United States of America

Mount Billy Mitchell Photo

Photo of Mount Billy Mitchel, Alaska, United States

Living with Mountains
Once you have lived with mountains,
Under the benedictory pines
And deodars, near stars,
And a brighter moon,
With wood make smoke and mist,
Sweet smell of grass, dew lines
On spider-spun sun-kissed
Buttercup and vine;
Once you have lived with these,
Blessed God's favorite then,
You will return,
You will comeback
To touch the trees and grass,
And climb once more the windswpt mountain pass.
Copyright Ruskin Bond, Tapas Guha

Montana, Big Sky Country Photo

Montana Big Sky Country Photo Wallpaper